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Posted by softwareguru on July 31, 2014

Paul asks…

Which Antivirus is good AVG 9 or Avira or Norton & Can any abody suggest me a good and free Anti-spyware?

I have AVG 9, Avira & Norton the antivirus (all are Home eddition) so can any provide me that which antivirus is best for Windows Xp Professional Eddtion?
Also provide me the free and good AntiSpyware with the Download Link.


softwareguru answers:

When i have a question abt a anti-spyware software i always visit:
there they have listed allmost all the softwares, their features, and comparisions to other related substitutes

the best anti-spyware i av seen yet is webroot spyware. Its lite and really fast plus very effective. First in topten list of above site. U can get all of its features on the site.

Have a nice NO spyware day!

Chris asks…

how do i get rid of spyware and trojan files?

so today my computer was acting wired. my wall paper is blank. computer is really slow. i cannot connected to the internet. this checking thing that i have on the computer tells me that i have spyware and 173 trojan files. i know that i need some anti spyware and anti virus but how can i download it when the computer doesnt connect to the internet. is it possilbe to download it in another computer then send it to the bad one? i am using my laptop at the moment.

softwareguru answers:

Download Spybot! Spybot Search and Destroy is free and really cleans up a lot of spyware….Spy ware is easy to pick up…..but a quick question…do you have an Anti-Virus program running? Never go on the internet without some protection….but even with that, it is easy to accumulate spyware…..usually people download free games and such and that is the end of it….spyware city!
Download Spybot…get the latest defenitions and run it!
It may take 30 minutes to run…but at the end, it will build a list of spyware that it detected, and clean it up.
If Spybot cannot clean it try AD Aware…..if that cannot do it, then your best bet is a reload….because in most cases..if it is so resistant and you have so much spyware comming back all the will never be sure if you are 100% clean…a reload would help….Do you have backups of your documents and such?
Rule of Thumb
Make backups at least one a month….one a week if it has data that changes all the time (My home pc is just not that important)

Scan for spyware every week (Spybot would be my choice)
Scan for Viruses…full scan every week

If you do not have a firewall with your virus software, make sure Windows Firewall is turned on (IF you have XP or Vista)

Make sure your Security Patches for your operating system is up to date (set yourself up for automatic updates)

Defrag your disks and run check disk ever two weeks.

If you follow these rules…chances are your PC will remain pretty healthy!

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