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Posted by softwareguru on September 7, 2014

Mary asks…

what is a good adware/spyware remover?

I recently caught a trojan or virus i believe that keep popping up when im surfing the web. It keep telling me that my computer is infected blah blah and i need to download their program to scan for virus etc…The program names varies from norton,antivirus, and cleanup tools. Its also slowing down my computer and everytime i would try to open a program it would take about 5 sec slower. Anyone know how to fix this problem? whats a good program to remove these viruses or trojan and can u give me the process on doing so? thanks very much in advance

softwareguru answers:

This is my recommended software for your home computer:

1. Anti Virus

2. Anti Spy Ware

3. Registry Cleaner / General Tuning-Up Tool

If you’re starting from zero, which you are since you’ve never used these products before, follow this procedure for safety:

Back up all your important data onto some external/removable source (could be an external hard drive or flash memory stick or CD or DVD)

Download the 3 software products above BUT DO NOT INSTALL THEM YET (this is because it could potentially conflict with your existing software, causing the computer to freeze up)

Uninstall your existing Anti Virus software. All other software (Anti Spy Ware, Windows Defender, etc can safely remain without any problem)

Immediately install the 3 software products in any order you wish

Run CCleaner first
a) Click on the ‘Windows’ tab at the top on the first page
b) Click the ‘Run Cleaner’ button (bottom right) to clear temporary files
c) Click on the ‘Applications’ tab and again ‘Run Cleaner’
d) Click Registry (blue button on the left)
e) Scan for Issues (bottom centre)
f) Fix Selected Issues (bottom right) – and accept to backup the registry to anywhere in My Documents
g) Exit when finished

Run Anti Virus next
a) Update definitions if necessary
b) Do a full system scan (this may take quite a while – depending on your processor speed and hard drive size)
c) Deal with any issues as they arise and close when finished

Run Ad Aware next
a) Update definitions if necessary
b) Do a full system scan (again this may take quite a while)
c) Remove anything found and close when finished

Reboot (restart) your computer

Finally “defragment” your hard drive (Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Disk Defragmenter) which will reorder your saved data and programs in the most efficient way

PLEASE NOTE: If any viruses, spies or suspicious items were detected on your hard drive, don’t forget to scan the backup you made of your important data, and any other backup sources you use regularly. This will prevent cross-infection.

To maintain a computer in optimal condition you could think about running the 3 programs (CCleaner, AntiVir and AdAware) about once a month. It wouldn’t hurt to do a Windows Update and run Windows Defender now and again too 🙂

Ruth asks…

Running 2 anti spyware removers?

Okay i know it’s not good to have 2 anti-virus programs running because they conflict with each other and slow the hek out of your computer. But is it reccomend i to have 2 Antispyware removers i have Mcafee Security suite and pc tools spyware Doctor. Should i add Ad-Aware or wilol they Slow my Dual core 1gb vista PC ???


softwareguru answers:

Security is a three tier affair, one firewall, one anti-virus and as much adware/spyware removal software as you feel needed?

Spyware/Adware removal:
Ad-Aware 2007 Free
General cleanup remove cookies and more:
Pc Tools Firewall Plus
Auslogics Disk Defrag
All free.
Available @

So many companies trying to make money by selling you products to keep your computer safe and clean, all of which are freely available.

How To Have A Clean Computer.

Step 1. Download Firefox as your browser and Adblock Plus Firefox Add-on.

Step 2. Update your virus definitions and scan, if no anti-virus AVG Free will do the job.

Step 3. Remove all adware/spyware, download Ad-Aware 2007 Free & SUPERAntispyware and run one at a time, remove all threats.

Step 4. Remove cookies, history etc download CCleaner run and clean.

Step 5. Remove any temp files left over, startrun%temp% some may not remove because still in use.

Step 6. Startrunmsconfigstartup to stop start up items not needed, google the start ups and you will know what to stop.

Step 7. If you are currently using Windows firewall please download PC Tools Firewall Plus, as it is a two way protection, light on system resources and will protect your computer from being accessed by hackers.

Step 8. Defragment with Auslogic Disk Defrag which will take about 5-10mins compared to Windows hours.

You will now have a secure, clean, fast computer.

I would recomend you do this on fortnightly bases or when you feel necessary.

If this not not solve this then follow step 2-4 in safe mode, F8 on bios screen.

Hope this helps.

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