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Posted by softwareguru on September 4, 2014

Joseph asks…

anti-virus programs???

i want to buy an anti-virus/spyware, program, does anyone know of a very GOOD one? one that actually works!

softwareguru answers:

Spysweeper is the way to go.
The best software you should get is Spysweeper with Anti-virus, this software is too good and gets better everyday. This is ELITE software. It blocks over 433,000 definition threats, which contain several fringerprints with each(you can do the math). No other software can compete with that or come close for that matter. It catches everything and has active shields. I’ve used them all and it is 2nd to none.
Don’t waste your time with AVG, spybot, ad aware, CA, spyhunter, mcafee, superantispyware, avast, panda, kaspersky, spyware blaster, spyware guard, windows defender or anything of the sort. Stay away from anything that is FREE when it comes to spyware and antivirus. There is a reason why they are free. They are NOT good. I even guaranDAMNtee my answers and will help through IM if needed.

Donna asks…

Free Computer Monitoring software?

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any free software similar to what can be found at . I would like it to be free (or as close as possible), and also not blacklisted by common anti-virus/anti-malware software.

softwareguru answers:

Any keylogger is going to be detected by an anti-spyware program because a keylogger is the very definition of spyware.

If you want a monitoring program that is not detected then you will have to pay for a valid monitoring solution…. Such as a parental controls program or a security suite from a valid vendor.

Or you’ll have to use a hardware keylogger.

Good Luck

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