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Posted by softwareguru on August 27, 2014

Susan asks…

scan of a new spyware without update of such spyware definition in the anti-spyware software?

Hi all,

I am wondering if there is a new spyware. the antispyware software do not have update on such spyware definition. Does the antispyware software still able to scan and identify the new spyware?

thanks for the help

softwareguru answers:

No. If a new spyware is released, and you do not get the updated definitions for the antispyware program, then the program will not know how to recognize this new malware.

It is therefore always advised that you update your virus and antimalware definitions daily if not every few days.

Lizzie asks…

What is the best free anti spyware available on the net.?

I’m trying stopzilla but whilst it has supposedly identified a number of ‘bugs’, if I opt to remove them I get taken to a subscription option which I need to commit to. Also it appears to have slowed down my PC aswell.

softwareguru answers:

The best plan of action is to use two seperate anti spyware clients. These are the best, and I have then installed on my PC ( which I am proud to say- is totally clean of spyware. Here is the FREE software:



These ARE the best. You don’t really need to have more snit-spyware protection that this, and also, they do a great job of finding ‘tracking cookies’.

Be sure to update the definitions (easy to do ) before you run a scan. The thruth is the SPYBOT is a better program but the program itself is quite ugly. =/

Good luck getting rid of the spyware on your machine. They DO NOT slow down you PC performance, and I would suggest to remove stopzilla, when there are better, and free alternatives out there! =]

Hope this has helped you.

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