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Posted by softwareguru on August 16, 2014

Donald asks…

Anti virus software?

Hi, I have currently got loads of different anti-virus, antispyware etc software and I was wondering whether there is one piece of software which does it all. I have the following:

Norton Internet Security
AdAware SE Personal
Windows Defender
SpyBot Search and Destroy

I also defrag weekly but my computer is still getting slower have I missed something or is ther one piece of software which will do everything?

softwareguru answers:

There are pros and cons for each of these applications; and unfortunately there is no one application that would fit your tall order as of this moment because virus and other malwares are continually evolving even at a higher speed than any revision in the operating system such as Windows.

NIS secures your internet experience, as well as could be your anti-virus. Some spywares, however, are not recognized by NIS.

AdAware also secures your internet experience and limits your malware downloaded to your computer; it could also scan your loaded applications and running processes.

Windows Defender monitors your running processes, loaded applications in the background and alerts you of infections, changes in the program, etc, which is also similar to SpyBot, which could functions as a malware scanner, a CCleaner, start-up monitor, running process monitor, etc.

CCleaner cleans your registry and file system of deleted, unnecessary files. This software is not in the league of anti-virus / anti-spyware. CCleaner is only a utility, not a security application.

Only you, the user, has the choice which application software should reside in your computer. For me, given the above list, I would choose to retain NIS, AdAware, SpyBot. But I would uninstall NIS for a much better product, such as Kaspersky Internet Security [KIS]. KIS has better response to internet malwares than NIS. SpyBot is much better than Windows Defender [some say that it only an exploded version of SpyBot with a pricey name MS], aside from the fact that SpyBot’s computer footprint is smaller than WinDefender. Also instead of AdAware, I could install a freeware SpywareBlaster from Lately, AdAware is presently lagging in terms of security, nowadays, their recent definition files could not even identify recent malwares.
Of course, although not a protection software, I would retain CCleaner–a small utility for cleaning all those traces left by defective uninstallers, unnecessary logs, etc.

Another thing, each of these applications: NIS, AASE, WD, SB-S&D, maintains different database to protect your computer from malwares [virus, spyware, trojans] issued at different time period, thus to protect you from these malwares; it would be best if you cover all your security bases–protection from intruders: virus, spyware, dialers, trojans, etc. Also some of these use different detection methods–black or white list; heuristic, blood-hound, etc. The key word here: update your protection database instead just letting them be.

The business model of these application makes sense with the growing rate of new malwares in the wild. Instead of providing an all-in-one protection, or “a one-piece of software” as you call it, these software application makers prefer a sleeker or smaller application directed to solving one or two types of intrusions instead of all types.

Yes, I personally prefer a myriad of small applications doing exactly what they are supposed to do instead of an all-in-one application, whereby if a malware attacks and wrecks havoc on that application, my computer will be open to all attacks!

Unless your computer is USED 24h per day for each week, you could do a weekly defrag. Doing a weekly defrag while the unit is only used once or twice or thrice a day is overkill. My over-used always-ON laptop is automatically scheduled for defrag once a month. Maybe you should be looking at how to speed up your computer — there are a number of sites that would give you tips in doing so. Try Googling or Yahoo!ing “Speed-up PC” or try “Why Is My Hard Drive Slowing Down My PC?” at Also search for tweaks from

Ruth asks…

We want the anti-spyware software. Have a blessed day.?

softwareguru answers:

For spyware solutions, Spybot Search & Destroy is great. If you are willing to try Microsoft’s beta, consider MS Defender. Both are currently free.


Don’t forget to always update the spyware definitions before scanning.

The best way to prevent spyware is to not go to suspicious websites, open unknown attachments, click on links from spam, etc. Also, clear your cookies and run your anti-spyware program from time to time.

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