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Posted by softwareguru on July 20, 2014

Linda asks…

What is a good anti-virus and spyware software to use for a labtop?

I have a small labtop specifically a compaq with windows XP that started out having 60gigs of memory and now has 9gigs left

softwareguru answers:

Spyware/Adware removal:
Ad-Aware 2007 Free
General cleanup remove cookies and more:
Pc Tools Firewall Plus
Auslogics Disk Defrag
All free.
Available @

So many companies trying to make money by selling you products to keep your computer safe and clean, all of which are freely available.

How To Have A Clean Computer.

Step 1. Download Firefox as your browser and Adblock Plus Firefox Add-on.

Step 2. Update your virus definitions and scan, if no anti-virus AVG Free will do the job.

Step 3. Remove all adware/spyware, download Ad-Aware 2007 Free & SUPERAntispyware and run one at a time, remove all threats.

Step 4. Remove cookies, history etc download CCleaner run and clean.

Step 5. Remove any temp files left over, startrun%temp% some may not remove because still in use.

Step 6. Startrunmsconfigstartup to stop start up items not needed, google the start ups and you will know what to stop.

Step 7. If you are currently using Windows firewall please download PC Tools Firewall Plus, as it is a two way protection, light on system resources and will protect your computer from being accessed by hackers.

Step 8. Defragment with Auslogic Disk Defrag which will take about 5-10mins compared to Windows hours.

You will now have a secure, clean, fast computer.

I would recomend you do this on fortnightly bases or when you feel necessary.

If this not not solve this then follow step 2-4 in safe mode, F8 on bios screen.

Hope this helps.

Carol asks…

What is the best anti spyware software?

PS: Any software that works as both antispy and antivirus or firewall?

softwareguru answers:

Ewido is the best I’ve used so far and believe me, I’ve tried em all. Most people dont realise this program is actually free, what happens is, you download an evaluation of the pro version and after the trial period expires, you choose to go pro and pay or stick with the standard version (free).

Different programs have different spyware definitions so some catch certain spyware while others catch still more, Ewido is the most comprehensive I’ve seen, try the online scan first to check it out if you wish,source below:

In my experience using an all in one solution isnt a good idea. If you have problems with the program you get left with no protection at all.If you have anti virus, antispy and firewall programs running independantly of each other, if one gives you problems you still have the other two running.

Ps. DO NOT use windows xp firewall, it is worse than useless since it provides little or no protection at all and lets you believe you are protected, determined hackers bypass it without any problem at all.

If you need a (free) effective firewall use Zone Alarm
If you need a (free) effective anti virus program use Avg

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