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Posted by softwareguru on August 21, 2014

Maria asks…

my computer is so painfully slow. How can i repair it myself?

Is there a software at Best buy where i could buy to make my computer faster? Thanks for your replies.

softwareguru answers:

With not a lot of info it will be hard to determine whats wrong with your computer it could be a number of issue, maybe malware and spyware, or you have to many programs runninig at the sametime, or a important file is missing, or you have a lot of junk files on your computer.
If you have malware or spyware download these update them then scan your computer;contentAux;pop;pop

if you have a bunch of junk files and stuff on your computer download these and run all there scans

anything else i need more info on or about your computer message me if you do

Jenny asks…

Does anyone know a program that fixes or deletes errors on the pc?

Does anyone know a program that fixes or deletes errors on the pc? It doesn’t matter if I have to pay for the program, and if no one knows any, does anyone know a very good anti-virus that’s better then AVG or Avast?

softwareguru answers:

Registry Cleaner is a good one.
About thirty dollars and it fixes problems in the registry.
As for the best they say (they) is Mcafee but I believe the one rated second Zone Alarm is really the best.
Remember you wont get a virus if you don’t open an email that has a virus attached to it so don’t open anything that you don’t know from who it comes and you will not get a virus.
As for highjackers trojans and spyware the best issue deleting software is Spybot Search and Destroy (it’s free) and for data miners and mru’s Ad-Aware it is free too for Ad-Aware SE Personal can be downloaded at and Spybot Search and Destroy is @
Run disk clean-up then defragment run registry cleaner and the Adware SE personal a few times then Spybot and your PC will be as clean as you can get it. Disk clean up can be found under programs, Accessories then System tool Defragmenter is there too
Good Question and good luck

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