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Posted by softwareguru on July 26, 2014

Chris asks…

How do you get rid of Anti VP virus from your computer?

my computer got a virus from an e-mail that someone had sent me. And its either Anti VP or Antispyware2010. Either way i cant get rid of it. It doesn’t stop me from doing anything but try and get of it. It wont let me access or anything like that. Can anyone help me with this?

softwareguru answers:


Download and install the free version of Malwarebtyes anti-malware its a very effective malware remover, once installed update it and run a quick scan, remove anything it finds.


If you are unable to install Malwarebytes its likely the malware on your computer is blocking it in some way, try renaming mbam.exe to a random string of letters or numbers as the malware may be designed to block mbam.exe.

If you are still unable to install Malwarebytes try Hitman Pro its far less likely to be blocked, it scans with 5 different anti-virus engines at once, simply activate the 30 day free trial once you PC is clean remove it, if you are unable to get to either of the websites please email me for advanced instructions on how to check your “hosts” file and device manager for malware.


If you haven’t got real-time anti-virus software installed on your PC id recommend installing Avast, its free and as effective as paid for software.


CNET Review and user reviews:

Helen asks…

Is it safe to download and use pirated avg antivirus form torrent sites at home?

What other problems would there be because of using pirated softwares at home? Lots of people use it too.

softwareguru answers:


Anti-virus and anything to do with security programs should never be downloaded illegally because they are the programs to keep your computer safe, and MOST illegal programs are NOT safe.

Pirated software brings in spyware, malware, trojan’s, etc. It’s best to keep these major programs legal and safe. A lot of people use it cause they aren’t aware of these facts or they think it won’t happen to them. And a lot might, but there’s 10x’s more people who are smart enough to use something more reliable.

I recommend going to (CNET) and checking out their free anti-virus programs. I recommend Avast anti-virus. It has higher ratings than AVG Free.

Hope this helps!

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