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Posted by softwareguru on July 22, 2014

Ruth asks…

How to clean a virus infected computer?

My Dell just got a virus, so I went and bought antispyware software. The computer wouldn’t run it, saying that the file needed to run it was infected. Now I’m annoyed that my computer won’t work AND that I’m out of $40. What do I need to do?
Thanks in advance!

softwareguru answers:

Install and run it

Charles asks…

What is the best free anti-spyware software out there?

I’ve recently reformatted my laptop and was hoping to build a good defense for it. I’ve got an older version of Nod32 that still updates as an anti-virus without the spyware protection so I’m asking what would be a good free antispyware program to couple with Nod32.

softwareguru answers:

First of all Nod32 sucks. It’s detection rate is terrible, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use it.

In my honest opinion, you’re better of with a free antivirus like Avira AntiVir.

The only good free antispyware I can recommend is Windows Defender. It includes an antimalware that will also prevent changes in your computer without your approval.

To enhance your security, you can also download Threatfire, which it’s a very odd security software, from Threatfire detects behavioral malicious software. So what it does is that if you have a program that is making changes in your computer like a virus, spyware, or other type of malware would, it stops it. It’s not currently considered an anti-spyware, even though it uses the same database as Spyware Doctor, one of the world’s best antispywares, because they’re both from PC-Tools.

Also, if you’re currently using Windows Firewall. I would download Zone Alarm Firewall from The windows firewall is pretty weak and many vulnerabilities have been detected. Apparently they won’t be fixed for Windows XP nor Vista, but they’re not showing up in Windows 7.

So you can download these four or you can buy an Interent Security Suit. There are three good ones I know.

#1 Kaspersky Internet Security => It’s the best security suit made in the United States because it updates every single hour. It has everything you’ll need to keep your computer protected and it doesn’t use a lot of RAM, which it’s great.

#2 Panda Internet Security => It’s a pretty neat European Security Suit. I also has everything to keep your computer protected, but it might not be the best choice for old computers.

#3 Norton Internet Security => Norton used to suck. In 2009, their software was completely reprogrammed. It’s pretty decent in my opinion.

To comment on other people’s replies.

Malwarebytes is NOT an antispyware. It’s an antimalware that has great detection rates, but it will NOT protect you.

Avast is currently rated the #2 free antivirus. It’s an ok software.

Spybot S&D sucks lol. It can be useful because it does some protection, but you need to manually update it every single day(it’s better every couple of hours) so its just too darn annoying to use.

I have never heard of SpywareRemover. Honestly, I’ve been working with software security for around 8 years now, and if it was any good I would have heard of it.

I’ve heard of SuperAntiSpyware. Haven’t really tried it so I’m not going to recommend it to you. But some people say it’s pretty good.

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