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Your Questions About Realplayer Downloader

Posted by softwareguru on September 26, 2014

Thomas asks…

Why isn’t my RealPlayer Downloader working?

I’ve downloaded videos for a long time using RealPlayer Downloader, but now it suddenly doesn’t work. I THINK it was because I upgraded my Firefox, but I’m not sure. Anyway, is there any way I can fix that problem?

softwareguru answers:

Make sure you have the latest version of the RealPlayer Downloader. Or try alternative programs like Web Stream Recorder –

Joseph asks…

What is wrong with my RealPlayer/Downloader?

I have just today downloaded the realplayer program so that I could download youtube videos and convert them to a wav format. It was working just perfectly for the first three videos I downloaded. however, after about an hour or so of not using the program. I have discovered that when I click “Download video” from youtube itself, nothing happens. I have uninstalled the program completely, and reinstalled only to have the same problem. (I did this twice). I have restarted my computer to no avail. I re-checked all my plug ins and made sure the correct ones are enabled. Yet nothing works.

Any help would be greatly useful to me! And thanks so much in advance!


PS: I am using Firefox. but I have tested google chrome as well, and the same thing happens. (Nothing)

softwareguru answers:

I prefer to use the youtube downloader software as it is much easy to use,
the software is very small and the download speed is very fast.

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Your Questions About Realplayer Plus

Posted by softwareguru on September 26, 2014

Nancy asks…

What is the best PC media player?

What is the best media player currently? The media player should be able to show musics, movies, and almost format. Please, and money is not a problem. Paid is always better than free, and I want the BEST!!!!

softwareguru answers:

RealPlayer and Windows Media Player are the two media players I use most frequently.

Ofcourse, you can only use Windows Media Player if you own a computer with Windows installed, but Apple of Quicktime, which is also availible for computers with Windows installed.

RealPlayer reads ANY file format of anything file, such as video, sound, etc… It’s basically an all-in-one media player, music jukebox and media browser. It also gives you the option of downloading online video or sound from the web with one simple click!
Download here:
Or download RealPlayer Plus for an extra US$39.99 here:

Hope this helps. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

Maria asks…

how to Burn DVD’s? HELP?

ahhh help ? ]; so i downloaded three movies, and from CVS i bought five blank DVD disks, well there not even showing up on my computer & i don’t even kn ow how to get them on, what do i do? ):

softwareguru answers:

Use realplayer plus i have also had that same problem so i downloaded realplayer and you have o download some other software afterwords and then you will ba able to burn the movies that you want.

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Your Questions About Realplayer Sp

Posted by softwareguru on September 26, 2014

Linda asks…

Can you copy iTunes to RealPlayer SP?

Can I copy songs from my iTunes to RealPlayer SP? If so then how?

softwareguru answers:

If your iTunes songs are iTunes+ (All songs purchased after April 2009 are) then they’re DRM free and you can play them anywhere

Robert asks…

Why is my RealPlayer not working?

I went onto youtube and hovered over the video where the “download to realplayer” thing comes up, I clicked it and then it said “RealPlayer Downloader has stopped working”.. I’ve tried it several times now and the same thing keeps coming up.. What should I do to make it start working properly again?

softwareguru answers:

Ok are you using realplayer ..sp..
Remove(unistall it from your computer….
Go to start then control panell…then…unistall a program…remove it….
Reinstall it ..
I have provided you realplayer download link…..Go ahead and download
before you install that ….you need to make sure that aren’t any browsers running…like chrome or mozilafirefox etc…
Then install it ..iyou will be able to downloadit…..
I hope this helps. You….

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Your Questions About Real Player

Posted by softwareguru on September 26, 2014

Sandra asks…

Real Player / Quick Time & Learn2Player Do I really need them?

I have Real Player/Quick Time and Learn2Player on my computer – I don’t know where they have come from and what their function is – do I really need them and if I delete them will it affect my PC?

softwareguru answers:

Real Player and quick time are media players and / media downloaders If you have windows media player then no you dont need them if you dont have windows media player then keep at least one its nice to have 1 media player.
No it wont mess up your computer to uninstall them.
It may leave behind some media errors but if you have a system restore point just go back to that point

Steven asks…

Is real player already installed?

what does it mean when you’re tryin to install real one player to your zire 31 from the CD software and it says already on handheld, but it’s actually not?

softwareguru answers:

Mobile version of Real comes preinstalled on the Zire 31. I can’t remember the Zire 31 opening screen, however, if you access “Applications” it should be in the “All” category screen. Palms default “All” screen shows all applications in alphabetical order so “Real Player” application is close to the bottom, just scroll down using the 5 way navigator or the stylus and down arrrow.

You can also check to see if Real Player is installed by getting into “Applications” and selecting the drop down menu, selectd “Info” and it will show all of the applications and versions residing in the Z31.

Check with my previous answer to your other question and see if you have the lastest version of Real Player from the Real website.

Good luck.

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Your Questions About Real Player For Android

Posted by softwareguru on September 25, 2014

Chris asks…

does anyone know how to get real player for ipad 2 for listening to radio?

does anyone know how to get realplayer or any player to listen to radio tunes in the ipad 2

softwareguru answers:

If you do a search for radio players within the android store or apples equivelent im sure you will find something.

Susan asks…

what android games for my phone?

what android games can cherry mobile cruize play ?

softwareguru answers:

Paradise Island
Airport City
Paper Toss
aTilt 3D Labyrinth
Angry Birds Rio
Blitz Brigade
Monkey Boxing
Last Stand
The Game of Life
4 Player Reactor
Nova 3
Modern Combat 2
Modern Combat 3
Real Racing 3
Game Dev Story
Diner Dash Deluxe
Fieldrunners 2
Wheel of Fortune
The Sims? 3
Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X
Roboto HD
Subway Zombies
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
Sniper Action
Player Reactor
Glow Hockey 2 Pro
Keyja Free Games

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