NIS 2013 and SuperAntiSpyware

Posted by softwareguru on January 28, 2013

Hello, I decided to get SuperAntiSpyware to add as my second on-demand scanner in addition to Malwarebytes.  NIS 2013 remains my primary real-time protection.


I went to the Superantispyware site and downloaded the free version….my question is whether I should have done a custom install or an express install?  Do I need to select the custom install in order to ensure that Superantispyware does not conflict with NIS 2013? Or does the free version automatically mean that it will install as an on-demand?  I didn’t not click or check any of the boxes for real-time protection when I was doing the express install… can I be sure that it is not interfering with NIS?


Also, when I did my first scan with Superantispyware, it came up with 68 cookies…this was after I did my normal full-system Scan with NIS 2013 that came up with (and deleted) 24 cookies….can someone explain the difference to me?



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