Your Questions About Realplayer Downloader

Posted by softwareguru on September 26, 2014

Thomas asks…

Why isn’t my RealPlayer Downloader working?

I’ve downloaded videos for a long time using RealPlayer Downloader, but now it suddenly doesn’t work. I THINK it was because I upgraded my Firefox, but I’m not sure. Anyway, is there any way I can fix that problem?

softwareguru answers:

Make sure you have the latest version of the RealPlayer Downloader. Or try alternative programs like Web Stream Recorder –

Joseph asks…

What is wrong with my RealPlayer/Downloader?

I have just today downloaded the realplayer program so that I could download youtube videos and convert them to a wav format. It was working just perfectly for the first three videos I downloaded. however, after about an hour or so of not using the program. I have discovered that when I click “Download video” from youtube itself, nothing happens. I have uninstalled the program completely, and reinstalled only to have the same problem. (I did this twice). I have restarted my computer to no avail. I re-checked all my plug ins and made sure the correct ones are enabled. Yet nothing works.

Any help would be greatly useful to me! And thanks so much in advance!


PS: I am using Firefox. but I have tested google chrome as well, and the same thing happens. (Nothing)

softwareguru answers:

I prefer to use the youtube downloader software as it is much easy to use,
the software is very small and the download speed is very fast.

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Your Questions About Realplayer Plus

Posted by softwareguru on September 26, 2014

Nancy asks…

What is the best PC media player?

What is the best media player currently? The media player should be able to show musics, movies, and almost format. Please, and money is not a problem. Paid is always better than free, and I want the BEST!!!!

softwareguru answers:

RealPlayer and Windows Media Player are the two media players I use most frequently.

Ofcourse, you can only use Windows Media Player if you own a computer with Windows installed, but Apple of Quicktime, which is also availible for computers with Windows installed.

RealPlayer reads ANY file format of anything file, such as video, sound, etc… It’s basically an all-in-one media player, music jukebox and media browser. It also gives you the option of downloading online video or sound from the web with one simple click!
Download here:
Or download RealPlayer Plus for an extra US$39.99 here:

Hope this helps. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

Maria asks…

how to Burn DVD’s? HELP?

ahhh help ? ]; so i downloaded three movies, and from CVS i bought five blank DVD disks, well there not even showing up on my computer & i don’t even kn ow how to get them on, what do i do? ):

softwareguru answers:

Use realplayer plus i have also had that same problem so i downloaded realplayer and you have o download some other software afterwords and then you will ba able to burn the movies that you want.

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Your Questions About Realplayer Sp

Posted by softwareguru on September 26, 2014

Linda asks…

Can you copy iTunes to RealPlayer SP?

Can I copy songs from my iTunes to RealPlayer SP? If so then how?

softwareguru answers:

If your iTunes songs are iTunes+ (All songs purchased after April 2009 are) then they’re DRM free and you can play them anywhere

Robert asks…

Why is my RealPlayer not working?

I went onto youtube and hovered over the video where the “download to realplayer” thing comes up, I clicked it and then it said “RealPlayer Downloader has stopped working”.. I’ve tried it several times now and the same thing keeps coming up.. What should I do to make it start working properly again?

softwareguru answers:

Ok are you using realplayer ..sp..
Remove(unistall it from your computer….
Go to start then control panell…then…unistall a program…remove it….
Reinstall it ..
I have provided you realplayer download link…..Go ahead and download
before you install that ….you need to make sure that aren’t any browsers running…like chrome or mozilafirefox etc…
Then install it ..iyou will be able to downloadit…..
I hope this helps. You….

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Your Questions About Real Player

Posted by softwareguru on September 26, 2014

Sandra asks…

Real Player / Quick Time & Learn2Player Do I really need them?

I have Real Player/Quick Time and Learn2Player on my computer – I don’t know where they have come from and what their function is – do I really need them and if I delete them will it affect my PC?

softwareguru answers:

Real Player and quick time are media players and / media downloaders If you have windows media player then no you dont need them if you dont have windows media player then keep at least one its nice to have 1 media player.
No it wont mess up your computer to uninstall them.
It may leave behind some media errors but if you have a system restore point just go back to that point

Steven asks…

Is real player already installed?

what does it mean when you’re tryin to install real one player to your zire 31 from the CD software and it says already on handheld, but it’s actually not?

softwareguru answers:

Mobile version of Real comes preinstalled on the Zire 31. I can’t remember the Zire 31 opening screen, however, if you access “Applications” it should be in the “All” category screen. Palms default “All” screen shows all applications in alphabetical order so “Real Player” application is close to the bottom, just scroll down using the 5 way navigator or the stylus and down arrrow.

You can also check to see if Real Player is installed by getting into “Applications” and selecting the drop down menu, selectd “Info” and it will show all of the applications and versions residing in the Z31.

Check with my previous answer to your other question and see if you have the lastest version of Real Player from the Real website.

Good luck.

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Your Questions About Real Player For Android

Posted by softwareguru on September 25, 2014

Chris asks…

does anyone know how to get real player for ipad 2 for listening to radio?

does anyone know how to get realplayer or any player to listen to radio tunes in the ipad 2

softwareguru answers:

If you do a search for radio players within the android store or apples equivelent im sure you will find something.

Susan asks…

what android games for my phone?

what android games can cherry mobile cruize play ?

softwareguru answers:

Paradise Island
Airport City
Paper Toss
aTilt 3D Labyrinth
Angry Birds Rio
Blitz Brigade
Monkey Boxing
Last Stand
The Game of Life
4 Player Reactor
Nova 3
Modern Combat 2
Modern Combat 3
Real Racing 3
Game Dev Story
Diner Dash Deluxe
Fieldrunners 2
Wheel of Fortune
The Sims? 3
Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X
Roboto HD
Subway Zombies
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
Sniper Action
Player Reactor
Glow Hockey 2 Pro
Keyja Free Games

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Your Questions About Realplayer Converter

Posted by softwareguru on September 25, 2014

Carol asks…

my realplayer converter wont work please help?

i used to download videos off youtube via realplayer, now when i use it it wont convert them onto my itunes liberary so i unistalled it and reinstalled it but it still wont convert when i download them, what do i do

thanks ! 😛

softwareguru answers:

Better Re-install your real player converter or try installing some other converter…That is the best option…

Laura asks…

When using RealPlayer Sp Converter, which option do I choose to convert videos into AVI?

Below the “Drag Files to Convert Here”, there is a drop down box that says “Convert to”. Which one do I select to make it AVI?

BTW: It does not matter to me if it’s computer or cell phones or portable media players. Which ever one(s) that can convert my video into AVI.
Please don’t also give me any other software to download. Just answer the question.

softwareguru answers:

I have the same problem, It’s kinda hard to convert it into some kind of other file. I found this:

Conversion Tips
Not sure about which quality and resolution settings to use for your device? Use Automatic for the best results. The Automatic setting selects the resolution and quality options that best match the quality of your original file while also making it compatible with the selected device.
Connect your device to your computer. RealPlayer Converter can copy files directly to many cell phones and some portable media players.
You can drag and drop files into the conversion queue from anywhere on your computer, such as the Desktop.
You can drag folders to the conversion queue to convert all the files in that folder.
To convert one file or group of files to multiple formats at once (such as iPod and Xbox), click . Select Enable multi-select, and select your devices.
If you put a mix of audio and video files in the conversion queue, they will be converted into the appropriate video and audio formats for the selected device. If the selected device only supports audio, all of the files convert to audio.
You can convert a video file to audio only.
You can customize any device profile. You can name and save your device profiles, and access them from the “Select a Device” dialog.
Planning to watch your video on a small screen device, like a cell phone? Check the user manual of the device for the native screen resolution. Video converted to that resolution usually looks the best.
Common device screen resolutions:
iPod: 320 x 240
iPhone or iPod Touch: 480 x 320
Zune: 320 x 240
The Custom device profile includes all of the possible format, quality, and resolution output settings available in RealPlayer Converter. To see them all in a table, view Creating Custom Settings.
To show only the devices you use the most, click , then More Devices. Deselect devices to remove them from the “Select a Device” dialog.
When you download videos from the internet, you can click Convert All in RealPlayer Downloader to open RealPlayer Converter.
Note: Not all services and features are available in all countries. Services and features will be added as they become available.
© 2009 RealNetworks, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Your Questions About Real Player Free Download

Posted by softwareguru on September 25, 2014

Steven asks…

Is using Real Player to download videos illegal ?

Sometimes i use real player to download videos throughout the net. is it against the law ? Is it safe if i use real player ?
In in Singapore.
I’m in SIngapore*
Get caught in whoch way? what possibles way are there through the net or not ?

softwareguru answers:

Whether you use Real Player to do it doesn’t matter. The question is whether you have permission to download the video or not.

In general, if you’re downloading something you’ve paid for already (such as iTunes, or other similar for-pay site), you’re OK.

If you’re downloading something from the band/studio/whatever’s web page, you’re usually OK – they put it on their web page so you can download it.

If you’re downloading something that you probably should have paid for, from some dodgy file-sharing service that offers “stuff you should have paid for, for free”, you’re probably breaking the law. 😉

And contrary to what Thicky said – you *can* find yourself dragged into court. In the US, literally tens of thousands of people have gotten sued by the RIAA for downloading music. Expect to pay anywhere from $3K to $10K and up if this happens. Not sure what they’re doing in India.

Sandy asks…

how do i download the real player for free?

how do i download the real player for free?
well i tried searching it but i dont quite know the steps and i dont wanna get charged for money.
i might mess up so i didnt bother trying downloading it because it might charge me some money.
i want it free!!

softwareguru answers:


Download the one in the upper right. You’ll be asked to register. Don’t worry, this is the free one. I have it; paid nothing.

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Your Questions About Realplayer For Mac

Posted by softwareguru on September 25, 2014

Mandy asks…

Video players for Mac?

What are some free video players for Mac that have a “Repeat A-B” and “Skip frame-by-frame” features?
I know VLC for Windows has this, but for some reason they don’t have it on the Mac version.

softwareguru answers:

VLC for mac:
or realplayer for mac:

Michael asks…

what program to convert music for mac ( from realplayer to mp3 ) ?

iv downloaded allot of programs to convert my music to mp3 but non of them i like so what do u recommend and i want something free ..

softwareguru answers:

Try Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

Convert almost any video such as avi, rm, rmvb, wmv, mpg, vob, dat, 3gp, mp4, asf, etc.

Just have a try.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Real Player

Posted by softwareguru on September 25, 2014

Ken asks…

I need help fron people with real player and understand it!?

Hello! I have windows real player and i started using it today! I quite dont understand how to add songs onto it. Do you have to pop in your Cds? Or can you get them from the internet with out paying or downloading things like Limewire? If you can download from online how? Please explain this very good!! I will read through all no matter how long they are!!!!!!!!

softwareguru answers:

1.Open your real player.
2 Go ot View then My Library.
3.Manage files like Itunes.
You can pop CD with Real Player or Itunes just try to remember to put all mp3 files in same folder so you can’t confuse later.Specialy when using Itunes as another player.
You can download almost any clips/mp3 as long down-loadable or you can used “save target as” and make sure create special folder for this just in case you want to remove it.

That’s all I know!Please let me know if right for you!

Mark asks…

Real player viewing trouble?

When I open my downloaded Real player to watch a movie what I get is a blurred screen. The sound, however, is cristal clear. Can anyone tell me what to do?

softwareguru answers:

Hiya Eugenio B,

Most of the live feeds in Real Player format and some downloadable files are created with bandwidth usage in mind, so the quality is low. Here is a trick you can try with any Real Media Video that you want to see more clearly:

Temporarily change your screen resolution. To do this first you should open a feed and then make your browser window smaller until it is just a bit larger then the feed window. You can try this with Real Player or Windows Media Player to get a larger picture. Next use the scroll bars to center the feed box in the small browser window. You won’t be able to see the rest of the page until you change everything back. Now open the display properties from the control panel and go to settings. Here you will find the screen resolution slider bar. Drag the slider to the left until you get to the smallest available resolution which is usually 640 x 480 or 800 x 600. Make sure the feed is centered in the browser and click OK. The screen will flicker and you may get a message asking if you want to keep the new settings. If you can see the browser then agree. Now it should be considerably larger and easy to view. Don’t forget to change it back after ; )


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Your Questions About Real Player For Android

Posted by softwareguru on September 25, 2014

Lizzie asks…

What half dozen or so Android Apps couldn’t you be without?

What half dozen or so Android Apps couldn’t you be without or would highly recommend right at the moment?

softwareguru answers:

My top android apps

Speakoit assistant- the original “siri” that apple stole
google music- googles music player lets you store 20000 songs in the cloud for free (vs apple 20$/month)
double twist- sync your itunes songs to your android
Drop box- move files wirelessly from your pc to your phone
Unified remote- use your android as remote for your computer- play movies, view your files, etc.
YouTube mate- download YouTube videos(sometinge gets rmoved from market, you can google it though)
IP webcam- use your phone/tablet as a webcam
Algeo- a scientific/graphing calculator similar to a TI 89
Dolphin Bowser HD- one of the best android internet browsers
Adao file manager- manage your phones files
tv. Com- watch tv programs using wifi
tune in radio- listen to the radio….
Where’s my droid- never lose your phone/tablet again, just send it your attention word and the volume maxes out and even receive its location on gps

free android games- this also depends on how good your phone is, some of the lower end phones cant use them (mine isnt that great)
lane splitter- traffic racing
death worm (demo)- play as a giant worm and terrorize people
angry birds- it think you know….
Dragon fly- like the iphones version of tiny wings
atilt labyrinth- guide a ball through a maze by titling your phone
winds of steel (demo)- flying shooting game
fruit slice
Alien invation
Office jerk
Where is the red
cubes- like cube runner
abduction- like doodle jump
cartoon wars

not free…but still great!
World of goo
cut the rope

good graphics games.
Asphalt 5/6
Jet car stunts
blood and glory
grand theft auto 3
dead space
Frontline commando (free!)
Real racing 2
..or go here on your phone (

Fun random apps
“google sky map”, know the position of stars using augmented reality
“google googles” search the web my using images
“shazam/hound sound” record a piece of a song and shazam will tell you the name, artist, etc. Of the song
“circle launcher”(widget)- store more apps if running out of room on home screen
“funny jokes” great jokes, by community… (secret community? Lol you’ll get it.)
“talking tom” funny little cat that changes your voice

Helen asks…

What are the best free android apps?

I just got an android phone and it’s awesome!

I’m just wondering what the best free aops are. I already downloaded angry birds and slice it.

softwareguru answers:

Adobe reader
Little photo
Color FX
Photo to lab
Magic canvas
Juice defender
Audio tagger free
Ninja jump
Chess free
GPS Test
Photo funia
Battery doctor
Opera mini
HD wallpapers
Opera mobile
Penguin fly
3D wallpaper browser
Cube player
Photo Grid
Audiomanager (best for hiding files, also does the function of an real audio manager)
Google skymap
Satellites AR
Super compass
Go EX Launcher
Tag home
Gps essentials
Media converter
CuScreen (fun)
Screen filter
Text to speech SVOX
Free music download
Mixing media player
Network finder
Soul movie
BBC News
History eraser
Cover art downloader
Seamen Player
Download all files
Android system info
Magic marker
Photoshop express
FX Camera
Barcode scanner
Locus free
Ulysse Gizmos
Network infoII
Mobo player
Voice search
Free SMS sender
Free dictionary
Super task manager
Android task manager
QQ Player
Advanced task killer
Unit converter
dodol wallpaper maker
APNon/off widget
Home switcher
Voice actions
Days left
Retro clock
Ghost wars pro
Baseball superstars
Wallpaper wizardii
Ninja dash
360° camera
ultra notes
Yellow pages
Auto rotate on/off widget
Rock player
Paper toss
Android assistant
Reversi free
Retro camera
Free app of today
Ringtone maker

and many many more. Sorry tired off now…

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