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Posted by on January 3, 2014


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Adware.SuperLyrics Description

Adware.SuperLyrics is adware that may show unwanted pop-up ads whenever the computer user is visiting well-known social networking or online shopping websites. This may indicate that a web browser is affected by adware, specifically, Adware.SuperLyrics. Adware.SuperLyrics may proliferate and infiltrate the PC through various packaged freeware that may hide itself as a program update, Internet app, or any other beneficial software that PC users can download from the Internet. Once the computer user installs any free program from questionable dowload website, he may also install Adware.SuperLyrics on the computer system with or without his permission and knowledge. PC users may overlook the installation steps of Adware.SuperLyrics, which may agree to install this adware on the computer together with a certain free app. The pop-up ads shown by Adware.SuperLyrics may slow down Internet connection and cause other issues on the computer system. Adware.SuperLyrics may also collect the computer user’s private details and record Internet surfing activities. Adware.SuperLyrics may then use this data for targeted advertising purposes. Adware.SuperLyrics may also result in unwanted browser redirects to questionable websites that were designed to possibly boost website traffic and make a profit from clicks on ads.

Type: Spyware

How Can You Detect Adware.SuperLyrics?

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