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Posted by on January 15, 2014


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Adware.Qvod Description

Adware.Qvod is adware which may be generated to earn money from clicks on advertisements. Once installed on the PC, Adware.Qvod may show error messages, random pop-up advertisements or advertisements linked to the computer user’s Web browsing habits. Adware.Qvod may proliferate via infectious removable devices, spam emails including malicious attachments, file sharing websites on peer-to-peer networks and many other means. Adware.Qvod may prevent the PC user from normal Internet surfing activity. Adware.Qvod may be able to trace the computer user’s online sessions and collect Internet surfing information that may then be used in for targeted marketing intentions.

Type: Spyware

How Can You Detect Adware.Qvod?

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