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Your Questions About Anti Spyware Software Reviews

Posted by softwareguru on August 31, 2014

Paul asks…

What is the best anti-spyware program?

I need one asap. Which should I get?

softwareguru answers:

There are top ten the best and newest anti-spywares.
–Top Ten Anti-Spyware Software Review– link:
All can be trusted and you can download one to protect ur system.

Ruth asks…

How do I delete the anti spyware pop-up “SpyDawn” that constantly urges me to download their software?

I don’t know how it appeared on my task bar, I’ve tried deleting it on “My Computer” etc. but nothing works. Please Help.

softwareguru answers:

SpyDawn is not an anti-spyware!!!
It is a spyware!!!
Spyware is a general term used to describe software that performs certain behaviors such as (popup)advertising, collecting personal information,slow your computer down,or changing the configuration of your computer, generally without appropriately obtaining your consent first.The best way to get rid of spywares,adwares,trojans and pop up is using a best anti-spyware to protect your computer.You must have 1 or 2 antispyware on your pc to protect your computer.Of course there are many solutions exist, all of them with their own strengths and weaknesses.So which anti-spyware is the most suited for your system? You can find out by reading in-depth reviews and comparisons of TOP 5 anti-spywares… Some really great tips and links to Spyware removal programs.

Top 5 anti-spywares reviews,comparisons and download links on

You can download and scan your PC for free.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Virus Removal Service

Posted by softwareguru on August 31, 2014

James asks…

How Much To Remove A Virus From A Laptop?

I want to know how much money does it cost to get a virus removed from a laptop. And other repair prices for laptops.
How much does it cost to take it to shop and get it fixed.

softwareguru answers:

Price varies a lot. You might check with your school, some geek might be happy to do it for a few bucks. Small shops often charge less, but not always.

Virus & Spyware Removal $149

Virus & Spyware Removal $40

Try this free procedure first before you pay a small fortune.

Sometimes you will be unable to update the software below. Run the scans without updating and they will fix this problem. Then update and repeat the scan. It is best if you run the scans in safe mode.

First install, update and run Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware Free Edition (full scan)

Second install, update and run SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition (full scan)

Then run a full scan with your antivirus.
If you use AVG free version this is not acceptable as it does not remove Rootkits. Avira free, Avast free, “Microsoft Security Essentials” free are three excellent antivirus programs. Do not install more than one.
Good free online scanners; Run a different one each month or so. Rotate through the list.
“BitDefender Free Online Virus Scan”
“ESET Online Scanner”
“Kaspersky Lab Free Virus Scan”
“McAfee FreeScan”
“Panda ActiveScan”
“Symantec Security Check”
“Trend Micro HouseCall”
“Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner”
If you want to be 100% safe while surfing the web install Sandboxie. If will automatically set up to use your default browser. Per Sandboxie “Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer. ” You can right click on any program icon to run it in Sandboxie,

In Sandbox settings:
Sandbox Settings > Delete > Invocations > Check “automatically delete contents of sandbox”
(see video below)

Sandboxie (free)

Video of Sandboxie. Installation and use, (Part 1 of 3 parts)

Paul asks…

How Do I remove Command Services Virus?

I’m sure I got this from a download, but I am not computer smart. I do have all virus protection programs, but none of them pick this virus up. I’ve read online that its almost impossible to remove, is this true?

softwareguru answers:

If you are having a virus or Malware problem, you should receive professional Malware removal support from a site like

I recommended it because they provide real fast support and a cure is guaranteed.

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Your Questions About Malware Removal 2012

Posted by softwareguru on August 31, 2014

Sandy asks…

Malware changing internet pages?

So I got the AV Protection 2011 virus. Every site I visited about removing it first instructed “Download this.” So after dling several malware removal programs and following various other dl this, do this instructions the thing is finally gone. However it seems like it somehow got stuck in my IE and Firefox. Every time I open a popular page like google, imdb, facebook, etc. it goes to a page that says:

Your PC is Infected!
You can loose all your Secure data from bank details to
e-mail or social network password:

Please activate Cloud AV 2012 to
REMOVE Infection from your PC.

Thing is, there’s no program or anything like that on the computer. Nothing. Not even in my registry. So how do I fix this? It’s like the malware is gone except in my interwebs O_o

softwareguru answers:

Here, run a scan with this powerful malware cleaner and remove found objects :

If it fails to install try:

I hope you clean the malware!

James asks…

Help eliminate malware/virus

I started noticing that my browser is acting weird. My computer turned off repently so I started to get really worried since is the one I use for work.
I tryied to download an anti-virus or malware removal and doing some research on my browser I noticed that before directing to the url I was trying to open, my browser redirected to and then ended up in the right url… But when I tryied to go to a link from google it would redirect me to and then to a weird suspicious site… I’m really worried since my computer has turned off twice tonight without any sign… Do you guys know a solution on how to get rid of this virus and protect my information??? Please help!!!

I am trying to look for solutions (through my ipod becase my PC wouldn’t even open a reliable site anymore) and this is all I have found.. Although I don’t know how trustable this info is:

P.S. What’s the best Free Anti Virus you recommend?

softwareguru answers:


I just had this and the tool on this site completely fixed it.

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Your Questions About Spyware Removal Freeware

Posted by softwareguru on August 31, 2014

Laura asks…

What is the most effective FREE adware/spyware removal program that you’ve found?

softwareguru answers:

I have all these = this free a/v =

SpyCatcher Express – free spyware removal software =

Spybot-S&D = = = Be sure to use the immunize feature, and as with everything else, keep it updated.

And Ad-aware = +

ewido security suite = = = ” free 14-day test version.”


+ Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Follow the links)=

+ =

SpywareBlaster[/b]/SpywareGuard – Freeware =
and AnalogX Script Defender =

To make sure you are not getting a spoofed webpage, Right-click desktop/properties/display properties/appeareance/color scheme/olive green/apply/ok/ok

Michael asks…

spyware doctor starter edition question?

is spyware doctor enogh alone for prtection i hear it dose not have a lot of protection as the full version . and what are some other free anti-spyware programs you use

softwareguru answers:

No, the Spyware Doctor Starter is fantastic at doing what it does best, removing malware. It does not include a lot of the good scale protection that Spyware Doctor normally comes with. So it’s best not to leave that program running, only when you want to run a scan.

The good news is that they have PC Tools Threatfire which is the reverse of the Starter Edition of SD. It has all the protection of SD, just none of the removal.

Freeware – PC Tools Threatfire:

Another good program is Spyware Blaster. It’s great at blocking things from Internet Explorer and Firefox.

1) Freeware – Spyware Blaster:

After that as long as you have a good antivirus and firewall you’re set. Check out the link below for lists of the best freeware programs you can find:

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Your Questions About Virus Protection For Mac

Posted by softwareguru on August 31, 2014

Donna asks…

Which computar should I purchase MacBook Pro or Dell?

I am thinking that I want to buy a MacBook Pro becuz its stylish & something new. My fam always buy Dell. I want a laptop & dells come in alllll the cute colors. Lol im not to sure if Windows come on Mac plus with Dell there is so many virus protection. *siiiiiiiiiigh* decisions, decisionsss Please help! What do you think is better?

softwareguru answers:

If it is a family laptop but you still like a Mac, you can buy a Mac with 2 operating system installed. All OS is prone to virus attacks, just make sure that you have proper antivirus protection and updates. However, for style over substance, you can get Mac.

Linda asks…

Where’s the best place to learn how to use a Mac?

As a long time PC user I’m having a tough time transitioning to my new Mac. For example: I really miss the ability to right-click for easy functions like copy or properties, and the one click tab access on Explorer. I can’t even figure out where or if there is virus protection installed. Basic stuff like that. I need a tutorial or something but can’t find anything like that under Help on my menu bar. Any suggestions?
Plus if anyone can tell me how to Update the software automatically or manually I’d appreciate it.

softwareguru answers:

Well you can go to the apple store or i can answer many of your questions like
to right click just hold ctrl and click
virus protection is not necessary on macs. The operating system is secure enough as is. Few people have had macs that got infected. I would be more than happy to answer any mac or pc questions just email me

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