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Your Questions About Malware Removal Guide

Posted by softwareguru on June 29, 2014

Daniel asks…

please help-How can I remove Antimalware Doctor for free?

I’ve tried downloading a couple of spyware removers, and all of them scan my computer and detect viruses/malware for free but do not remove them. Is there a way which will allow me to remove the antimalware doctor for free?

softwareguru answers:

You can use Malwarebytes or Spyware Doctor with Antivirus from Google pack page to remove Antimalware Doctor for free. Step by step, free and safe Antimalware Doctor removal guide:
I hope this helps. Good luck!

Linda asks…

How do you get rid of Malware Defense?

It appeared on my computer earlier this week and I can’t get rid of it. It makes pop-ups that say i have a virus appear and that i should buy Malware Defense. It also makes porn icons appear on my desktop. If you’ve had this problem before or just kno how to fix it, your help would be greatly appreciated!!!

softwareguru answers:

First step is go to safe mode with networking>
Step two is follow each step in Malware Defense removal guide here> Make the IE settings corrections and then use the rkill and the Malwarebyts’ link in guide to remove
More information>

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Your Questions About Spyware Removal Free Reviews

Posted by softwareguru on June 29, 2014

Nancy asks…

What does Unterminated String Constant mean, it keeps flashing on my screen of my pc?

It keeps popping up I click it under ok and a few minutes later it’s popping up again.

softwareguru answers:


It sounds like you are infected with a trojan. So I think you are having a hard time because trojan’s are not exactly viruses. So most anti-virus programs will not remove them, because they do not see them as viruses.

A couple of month’s back I suffered a nasty trojan infection. It completely screwed my computer up. Every time I would get on the internet I would get blasted with pop-up after pop-up.

It got so bad, I thought I would have to get a new computer. So out of frustration I called Geek Squad. They wanted $200 to look at my computer, and that didn’t include fixing it. No Way!

It wasn’t until I was searching google for a trojan remover that I came across the solution to my problem.

I found a website that gave honest reviews of the best spyware removal programs. So I checked into it, and the best product, AdwareAlert is also capable of removing Trojans.

I quickly downloaded AdwareAlert and scanned my computer.

It found all the trojan worms, and spyware infections that none of my other programs could find and delete.

I have been running AdwareAlert now for the last couple of months, and it has been doing an awesome job at keeping my computer spyware free.

I never have pop-ups anymore, and my computer is running like a dream.

You can Visit the website I found in google below.


Michael asks…

How can I eliminate all the pop up adds received?

I do not like all the ads that keep popping up on my screen. There are other home pages that do not have this annoying problem to their users.

softwareguru answers:

Pop ups are usually caused by spyware/adware,,,Anti-Virus is not good at removing spywares,The best way to get rid of spywares,adwares,trojans and pop up is using a best anti-spyware to protect your computer.You must have 1 or 2 antispyware on your computer to protect your computer.Of course there are many solutions exist, all of them with their own strengths and weaknesses.So which anti-spyware is the most suited for your system? You can find out by reading in-depth reviews and comparisons of TOP 5 anti-spywares… Some really great tips and links to Spyware removal programs.
Top 5 anti-spywares reviews,comparisons and download links on
You can download and scan your computer for free.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Realplayer Cloud

Posted by softwareguru on June 28, 2014

Carol asks…

have windows 8 need compatible?

media player advice please

softwareguru answers:

There are a few media players available for free.
VLC player is a common one, but a bit of care in its use in that it is found to amplify volumes and can damage speakers to those people trying to make a laptop volume higher than intended.
Realplayer is another free one, but I am not sure whether the replacement Realplayer Cloud is any good.



In Freeware, always make sure you find the correct download button on the page and not press one of the ads. Also, watch the installation to only install the software you want and not add-ins and rogue trial programs.

Sharon asks…

How to set computer so that downloads get saved and are not played automatically by Windows Media?

At my business when I download a podcast it allows me to save it to my flash drive so I can listen to it in my car. But when I try the exact same thing at home it just starts playing it on Windows Media without giving me an opportunity to save. Both machines are Windows XP and Internet Explorer. How can I change the settings at home so that it lets me save it?

softwareguru answers:

For one, you have settings that can be made and for another your version of windows has already been upgraded in all new computers to windows 8, even surpassing windows 7 which I have. The xp version of media player probably is not the latest version anyway. But to find out click on the help menu in the windows media player and type in: how to download media and the setting should give options to either rip new songs or music when a new song has been downloaded and have the option to not play each one as it is downloading. But I don’t mess with this version. I usually download mp3 using another program then put it in my file folder under mp3 only and then add them to media player under new playlist.

You may want to consider an optional media player, Realplayer Cloud. It is free if you opt to the low end version and it lets you download media and convert to mp3 and opt to upload videos to the cloud or music to the cloud to play on any device you have while on the run.

It can import all your media files into it’s own library automatically or user set options. Or specific files you want to add.

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Your Questions About Virus Game

Posted by softwareguru on June 28, 2014

Laura asks…

Has anyone had problems with spyware or viruses dowloading games from Yahoo?

I was told by a tech person at Dell that the Elf Bowling games had spyware in the downloads. Do any of the others? Has anyone had problems with the other games like the Women’s Murder Club or any of the other games?

softwareguru answers:

It is not in the game itself. It is in the transmission of the game to your machine is when the otherstuff is picked up. No different than phoning someone long distance and getting “crackling” in the phone line. That is the dirt being picked up somewhere on something.
Anyways you should have antivirus running on your machine 24/7 and check for spyware occasionally yourself with antispyware programs such as Ad-Aware(the free version) It will check to see if your machine is infected and take out junk if there is anything there for free. Otherwise, it could be something you didn’t check off on or checked off.
Most viruses come from email…as a web site is the easiest to find and shut down and fine big time.

Carol asks…

What are some virtual games you can play without downloading it into your computer?

I don’t want any bugs/viruses from downloading games.I want to be safe than sorry. please tell me. :]

softwareguru answers:

I got tons, go to “” and go to the browser games, or play battlefieldplay4free, or even WoW, it is a download but has no bugs or viruses, in fact im playing it now, but you can only go to lvl 20 on free, but if you buy and subscribe, (with expansions total $120, lil pricey right? Lol) you can reach lvl 85 with expansions.

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Your Questions About Malware Removal

Posted by softwareguru on June 28, 2014

Steven asks…

How do I remove System Security virus?

I’ve tried opening task manager, downloading spyware and malware removal kits, and manually removing system security however whenever I try to open a file that is related to deleting System Security it is instantly closed.

softwareguru answers:

Have you tried removing system security scam manually? Here’s detailed removal guide:

James asks…

What is a good spyware/malware removal program that is free?

For a virus scanner I am using Avira Antivir and I use adaware sometimes for spyware, but my computer has been lagging something terrible lately. Little random things happen, and I know there has to be some spyware or malware on this bad boy. I don’t want a trial thing, or something that scans it and then tells me I have to pay to remove it. I really need some input, please. 🙂

Thank you so much.

softwareguru answers:

Malware infection, free removal:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:
Select Full Scan.
Remove all infections that it finds after scan.

SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition:
Select Scan your Computer, select your drive and select Perform Complete Scan

Spybot S&D:
Download, install, update and Immunize, turn off Tea Timer then click ‘Check for problems’ then when complete select all and then ‘Fix Checked’
Open Spybot, click on Mode, select Advanced, click on Tools then Resident and untick Resident ‘Tea Timer’
Do NOT untick Resident ‘SD Helper’ as that is your protection.

Spyware Doctor Free Basic Edition – Realtime monitoring:
Its free with Google pack, untick all boxes except Spyware Doctor. Download install, update and run.

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