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Symantec Mobile Security Solution

Posted by softwareguru on June 22, 2012

I need a solution

I'm trying to install the trial ware for Symantec endpoint protection mobile edition. I have created a installation package in Symantec Installation Manager but when I go to run the package it just opens up Symantec Installation Manager and does not install anything. I have tried selecting Install New Products but it does not list Symantec Mobile Security Solution anywhere in the list even when all the filters are set to none.


Any help would be appreciated thank you.

Mobile Security "Best Practices"

Posted by softwareguru on June 19, 2012

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

With the explosive growth in the use of mobile devices these days, it was just a matter of time before the bad guys set their targets on this sector of technology. Last year we saw a huge increase in mobile malware. A large part of this growth of mobile malware is targeting the Android OS. The purpose of this Best Practice is to help users stay safe from the threats that are targeting the mobile user.


Must do

  • Be careful when clicking on advertisements for free software. Many times these ads may direct you to a fake Android Market that hosts malicious versions of known applications.
  • Avoid opening unsolicited text messages, attackers can use text messages to spread malware, phishing scams and other threats among mobile devices.
  • Don’t click on links sent from unknown sources, this includes email, messaging, Facebook, Twitter and other Social websites.
  • Be suspicious of applications that ask for root privileges.
  • Make sure you have the latest mobile OS version, and all software is up-to-date. Vendors are always releasing new versions or updates of their software to protect from known vulnerabilities and flaws in their programs.
  • Use caution when enabling Bluetooth connections.  The Bluetooth setting is typically on by default, and should be disabled or paired with a device. If not, the phone will look for other Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect to, and could result in malware being loaded onto the device.


Should do


  • If possible, use security software on your smartphone.
  • For the Android OS, Use applications like Norton Mobile Security, or Norton Mobile Security Lite to protect your device, and  the Norton Snap QR Code Reader to protect you from dangerous QR codes.
  • Use caution when scanning QR codes, only scan codes from a reputable source.
  • For IOS, use the Norton Snap QR Code Reader to protect you from dangerous QR codes.
  • Encrypt the data on your mobile device. If you use your device for business, or just want to protect your personal data, encrypting data is a must. If you lose your device and the SIM card stolen, the bandit cannot access the data if the latest encryption technology is loaded on the device.
  • Users should password protect their devices, this can help protect your sensitive data when your device is lost, stolen or hacked.


More information

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I hope you find this information helpful.

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